What is the purpose of life?


....If it is not to experience at infinite capacity?

Advancement of Civilization Effort (ACE) is a non-profit, non-governmental, multi-purpose institute aimed at providing an atmosphere conducive to developing and maintaining heightened awareness of the transhumanism movement.

The scope of ACE extends to the ambitious undertaking of designing a habitation complex to this end. The proposed ACE Habitation Zone may bring to mind utopian society, communal philosophy, a research institute, an investment portfolio, a yoga ashram, a training facility, or a spiritual community. While much inspiration is derived from these forms, it is more aligned with the philosophy of "no limitations... liberation, expansion" to practice spontaneous adeptationto the current state of the unceasing paradigm that is evolution.

Come again?

At its most primal level, ACE is an idea, a concept , a vision... existing at the core of all. It is the manifestation of harmonious and abundant living. It is a space where effortlessness abounds and purity of intention gives birth to an existence in which dreams are reality.

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Aims of Advancement of Civilization Effort

  • Kardashev Scale advancement
  • Kohlberg Scale of Morality development
  • Transcend the pancha kanchukas
  • Strengthen Trans-Capitalism
  • Encourage paranormal and supernatural abilities
  • Create solid international network of eco-friendly, sustainable communities
  • Increase discrimination in subjective methods for the individual
  • Decrease expectation in objective methods
  • Develop Research & Develoment Team for Biological Quantum Entanglement Interface Training System
    • Photoreaction
    • Quantum Entanglement
    • Subcranial Neurons
    • Photorhodopsins
    • Organic Computer Chips
    • Algae & Optogenetics
    • Nerve Interaction